Surprise! Golf Themed Pull Apart Cupcakes

Oh hi! This is a bit of a late post but I wanted to make sure it made it on the blog!

I love surprises, so as my boyfriend Garrett’s 30th birthday neared, my boyfriend’s brother and his wife, his friend and I planned a surprise party for him! He is very intuitive and I am very easy to read so I thought FOR SURE he would have found out about it somehow, but the surprise went off without a hitch!

Garrett loves golf. So when thinking of what kind of dessert I wanted to make for his party, I knew I wanted it to be a golf themed cake or cupcakes. I always liked the idea of a pull apart cupcake ‘cake’ but had never made one so I decided to give it a try and it turned out pretty cool! I saw this awesome version of a golf pull apart cake and decided to try it, with my own spin on it.


I baked my favorite chocolate cake recipe by Sweetapolita that can be found here and colored a basic vanilla buttercream green and blue. I kept a bit of the icing white.

For the golf course green I iced seven cupcakes with a thin layer of green buttercream then I dipped them in green sugar. The dipping made this part super easy and quick! I made a flag out of red fondant and attached it to a toothpick.

For the sand trap I did the exact same thing as the green, except I iced it with white buttercream and dipped it in brown sugar.


For the water I iced three cupcakes with a thin layer of blue icing, then I used a bit of blue piping gel and a spatula to make some ripples in the water.


Lastly, I fitted a piping bag with a grass tip, filled it with green icing and piped a grass border around the entire cake then filled in the rest of the cupcakes to make a grass fairway!

The cake was surprisingly quick to make. I thought because of the different elements it would have taken longer but it only took about 30-45 mins to decorate the entire thing!

I added some fondant golf balls and a tee box to add some detail to the cake.


The party was a blast and I had so much fun making this cake! Hope you like it : )


3 thoughts on “Surprise! Golf Themed Pull Apart Cupcakes

  1. Hi!
    OH WOW!! I feel so honored that you were inspired by my pull apart golf cupcake cake πŸ™‚ You had done a fantastic job! I’m loving the swirls in the water – love the idea.
    I’m sure your cake was the talk of the party & I’ll bet everyone loved it especially your boyfriend.

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